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WebSlices, evolution of RSS?

In the upcoming new version of Internet Explorer 8, which is in public Beta 1 right now, there’s support for a new technique called WebSlices. Is this yet another proprietary feature of Microsoft or is it a really useful evolution of RSS that will be adopted as a web standard? Since it follows the patterns of the Microformat hAtom, which is an unobtrusive way of marking up content with standard HTML, I think that it might actually be a pretty good innovation.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

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Marking up contact information with microformats

If you’re building web sites you probably mark up contact information every now and then. Why not do it in a standardized ways so that you are able to quickly mark it up, style it and enhance it with microformats at the same time? The way to do this is by using hCard, a microformat for marking up contact information.

This article will not only show you why you should do this, but also exactly how!

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Using Microformats to populate Google Map

MicroformatsInspired by an article I’ve read on 24-ways I’ve built a demo-page for using content marked up with microformats to populate a Google Map.

Unfortunately the demo is in Swedish, but I think those of you who doesn’t speak Swedish can easily understand it anyway.

The main concept is to use a list of folksong festivals in Scandinavia, carefully marked up with microformats, as a data source. I then use Javascript to loop through the content and populate the map.

I got the list of festivals from Thank you Chris!

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