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Unobtrusive Google Maps

When developing web applications we can never be sure what the environment for the user is. He could for example use our application from a mobile device with a browser with limited Javascript support. Like Roger Johansson pointed out in Making Google Maps more accessible, we must prevent our applications from breaking under these circumstances by making them degrade gracefully.

In this article I will show you how to make Google Maps degrade gracefully by providing a fallback for non-javascript users using the Google Static Maps API.

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Ultimate site logo

To have a good site logo is important. It’s one of the things that distinguish your web site from everybody else’s. It’s also a design element that exists on all pages within your site. Naturally you want it to be good looking, but at the same time it needs to be accessible and also search engine friendly. To do this properly there are some techniques worth knowing. In this article I will show you the approach I’ve taken on my own blog.

In my opinion a good site logo have these characteristics:

  • It’s search engine optimized
    Score high on Google
  • It’s clickable
    Support the strong convention that a click on the site logo takes you to the homepage
  • It’s accessible
    Enable those with screenreaders or images turned off to read the “logo”
  • It looks good
    A good looking logo is important to build your brand.

If you’re the impatient kind you can watch the example page right away. For an explanation of how it’s done, read on!

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Confusing Northface contact form

I recently wanted to contact Northface regarding a jacket of mine which zipper has broke. I went to and searched their web site for an email address or something. After some searching I found a button labeled “Email us” and clicked on it expecting my email client to launch, but instead I was transferred to a page with a contact form.

The North Face Contact Form

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