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Available for projects

My six month long parental leave is coming to an end and my new career as an independent Interaction/UI Designer and Web Developer is starting full time. This means that I’m available for projects as I’m not fully booked for this fall yet.

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I’m going independent

I’ve decided to leave my current job as Web Developer/Interaction Designer and start a new career as an Independent Designer/Frontend Developer.

I’ve been keen on doing this for years and now I feel is the right time to do it. Some of you might know that I’m currently on parental leave. This pause from my current employment, makes it all the more naturally to take the leap now.

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The state of this blog

Those of you that are regular readers of this blog have probably noticed a considerable decline in the number of articles being posted here. I thought that I would share with you the reasons for this and a little about the state of this blog.

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I’m writing a book about Google Maps

It’s been a while since I last wrote on this blog and I thought I would get you up to speed why that is. The reason is that I’ve been occupied with writing a book about Google Maps.

I haven’t written a book before so this is new territory for me. What I’ve noticed so far is that it progresses far slower than I predicted, but at least it progresses steadily even if slower than anticipated. I’ve taken a few weeks off of my regular work to devote to writing this book but this time won’t suffice, so there will probably be quite a few late nights and weekends of writing as well.

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I’m going on vacation

Tomorrow I’m going on vacation to Duved, a ski resort in Sweden right next to Åre that has killer slopes. We’re going to ski every day, celebrate Christmas and just have a really good time. It’s going to be so nice to get away for a while.

That also means that I’m not going to write any articles or answer any comments this week, but I’ll be back again after Christmas with lots of new article ideas.

Ski map of Åre, courtesy of

View from the hills of Åre. Photo by: december_snowdrift

Happy holidays everyone, I hope you have a good one!

Back from vacation

Why is it that the vacation always feels too short? Just when you’re gotten used to the new lifestyle of late mornings and lazy afternoons you’re thrown back into the hectic life of hardcore web development. 🙂

My vacation have been really great. Me and my girlfriend started of with a week of hiking in the mountains in the north of Sweden in a national park called Padjelanta. The nature there is stunning. Sometimes we had to stop just to look at the amazing scenery around us.

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I’m going on vacation

I’m taking a break for the following three weeks and is going on vacation with my girlfriend. We are going to hike in the mountains in the north of Sweden for a week and then rent a car and drive up to Northcape, the northern tip of Europe. If the weather allows we’re going on a whale safari around Lofoten in Norway.

During this time I won’t be blogging so it’s going to be kind of quiet around here. But I’ll be back again by the second week of August.

I hope you all have a nice summer and are taking the time to relax and doing something fun.

Until the beginning of August, cheers!