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Stripes – An interesting Operating System Concept

I’ve just discovered an interesting concept for a new Operating System. The concept is the brain child of Martin Gimpl and is a part of his master thesis on computer interaction. It uses a zooming interface for windows management and introduces several interesting concepts. In the short video below, Martin shows some of the core concepts. It is well worth checking out.

Also download the MA Thesis and try out the interactive prototype at

Found through Lukas Mathis blog ignore the code where he shares his thought about the concept.


  1. This is very interesting. Although the look’n’feel is quite apple-ish, this is not what popped in my eyes but the fact of auto-filtering actions and profling to adapt the system to the user needs.

    In addition, the profiling could be used to optimize system resources within user needs whether he needs faster disk access, faster processing or whatelse he may need.

    The “scrollable desktop” is nice but it is quite limited. I am very satisfied with the way that KDE and Gnome (*NIX/BSD graphic environments) manage their multi desktop panes (as much as you need), even more with compiz making all the eye-candy.

    PS: Hey Gabe, sorry long time no see, been quite busy and not reading my feeds! Keep up the good work!

  2. Did you see the news that Apple revealed today OS X 10.7 . The Lion (this is it’s name) seems to have some great new features. I am very happy! It will ship in the summer of 2011.

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