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ListDJ – song lyrics in Spotify

ListDJ is an add on to Spotify that displays the lyrics of the song you’re currently listen to. I’m the kind of guy who thinks that the lyrics of a song is important, so this i perfect for me.

The add on docks itself to the side of the main Spotify application window. From when I’ve tried it, it finds most lyrics, but there are some that aren’t available.

ListDJ have been developed by a friend and college of mine, Fredrik Danielsson. To read more and to download it, visit The add on is completely free but is currently only available on the Windows platform.


  1. I like this too! Nice work Fredrik D!

  2. Now also for Mac OS X!


  3. Don’t feel discouraged, there are loooots of people using this already ^^

  4. It seems pretty good at finding the right lyrics and all, but it *really* ticks me off that it insists on maximizing my spotify window when you run it. Docking to another window should mean your program window changes, not that it messes with the window it “docks” to!

  5. Must be a big dude … ehrm “colleague” …

  6. Wow! I love this! Perfect! Just update the db regularly and this is gonna be a must addon for everyone <3

  7. Am I the only one, who has empty listDJ window all the time? I installed listdj two days ago, but it displays no lyrics. I have WinXP.

    Someone help me! I need lyrics very much to learn English 🙁

  8. Hi, thanks for this plugin, it seems quite nice!
    However do you think that there is a way to use it under Wine? (I’ve tried before, but without luck..)

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Doesn’t appear to work at all on OS X.

  10. My brother has had ListDJ for aaaages and i have spent ages trying to find out how to get it too. I found it hard because on his computer it is called “lyrics” and has an icon on his desktop so he can just open it like that, but now that i have it, it is just a little icon on the taskbar, down in the bottom right corner, rather than on the desktop. It might be because i have Windows 7 and he has vista, but can somone explain!?

  11. Hi folks.

    Where does this plugin get its lyrics from ?
    Can I add lyrics to the songs that are missing ?

  12. Miquel from València

    September 4, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Hi there, i’m having troubles with this app, is it working yet? I can’t start it and when i have gone to redownload it the link is not still working…

  13. Also in OSX, window is empty and doesn’t show anything 🙁

  14. yup doesn’t work on mac.

  15. I’m having some complications using it. I have a Mac, and when I open Spotify, I see nothing and when I open ListDJ, nothing happens. An empty window appears. Can anyone help me? Am I doing something wrong?

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