Strategic research and design firm Create with Context has published a presentation on SlideShare showing what they’ve come up with after evaluating the iPhones User Interface. The research goal was to understand how ordinary people interact with the iPhone.

The methods used were interviews, user testing in a lab environment and heuristic evaluation. The result of the research was eight rules of thumb when developing applications for the iPhone.

Eight rules of thumb

  1. Take advantage of learned behaviors
  2. Avoid interaction inconsistencies
  3. Provide clear conceptual link across widgets
  4. Put space between action widgets
  5. Plan for accidental overswiping
  6. Don’t rely exclusively on multi-touch
  7. Provide visual feedback for taps
  8. Provide interaction affordances

Check out the presentation for an in-depth explanation of the rules of thumb. If you’re interested in usability and interaction design I assure that you will find it an interesting read.

The presentation

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: development interaction)

Thanks Alexei for the tip!