Stanford University - Human Computer Interaction SeminarThey’ve been around for a while but in case you haven’t seen them I want to share about a really good seminar series from Stanford on iTunes U. The series is called Human Computer Interaction Seminars and include lectures from leading figure within the HCI community.

The sound and video quality of the seminars is fairly good during the lecture part. However in the later part of the seminar where the audience ask questions, the sound quality can be quite bad.

I haven’t watched all of the seminars but here’s three that I can really recommend.

Note: You will need iTunes to be able to access these resources. If you don’t have iTunes you can try the rss links in the list of seminar feeds.

The Design of Future Things: Cautious Cars and Cantankerous Kitchens

Don Norman, Northwestern University and Nielsen-Norman Group

Don talks about things from his book with the same name as this seminar. He has a lot of interesting ideas about how we will interact with “future things”.

Download “The Design of Future Things” seminar

Designing Interactions

Bill Moggridge, IDEO

Bill is talking about the history of interaction design and give us lots of examples of the people behind those interaction techniques we now take for granted. He also show videos with people he interviewed for his book, Designing Interactions.

Download “Designing Interaction seminar”

Why Phones Are Not Computers

Scott Jenson, Google

Scott Jenson has worked with handheld devices a long time. He was designing the Apple Newton back in the day and now works at Google as manager of mobile UI. If you’re interested in designing for mobile devices, he has a lot of interesting knowledge to share.

Download “Why Phones Are Not Computers” seminar

Have you seen any of the seminars? Is there any others that you can recommend?

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