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Is your site mobile friendly?

Google has recently launched a new site to encourage Mobile Friendly Websites. It’s called GoMo and contains, among lots of useful information, also a test to see how mobile friendly your site is. I tested In usability we trust on it and I’m happy to report that it scored 4 out of 4 on the mobile-friendliness scale.

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Spotify is right on the spot

SpotifyI’ve been using the beta web service Spotify for a couple of months now. And I must say that I’m really impressed. I would almost go as far as to say it’s the best piece of software I have ever used.

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I miss X-Ray

I really hope that Stuart Robertsson, the maker of the ingenious Firefox Add-on X-Ray, updates it to work with Firefox 3 soon! I don’t think I’ve realized how much I’ve relied on this add-on in my daily work until now that it doesn’t work anymore.

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