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CSS in the Head

When optimizing a page you’re obviously thinking about where to add different assets on it. Stuff that is needed up front is placed at the top and stuff that is needed later can be placed further down. After all, we want the page to show something as fast as possible!

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Is your site mobile friendly?

Google has recently launched a new site to encourage Mobile Friendly Websites. It’s called GoMo and contains, among lots of useful information, also a test to see how mobile friendly your site is. I tested In usability we trust on it and I’m happy to report that it scored 4 out of 4 on the mobile-friendliness scale.

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Javascript Performance Tips

I just found this really great talk on YouTube from a Google Tech Talk called, Speed Up Your JavaScript. It’s a guy from Yahoo named Nicholas Zakas that talks about various things you can do to get better performance in you Javascripts.

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Handling Large Amounts of Markers in Google Maps

Google MapsTo use markers in Google Maps is fairly trivial, at least when you have a reasonable amount of them. But once you have more than a few hundred of them, performance quickly starts to degrade. In this article I will show you a few approaches to speed up performance. I’ve also put together a test page to compare them.

Update [2009-05-06]:This article has been updated with the addition of the utility library MarkerClusterer. The test results in the end of the article and the test page has also been revised.

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Page Load Times vs Conversion Rates

I recently read Andy B. King’s book Website Optimization and was surprised by some of the statistics in it. It shows that there’s a very clear connection between page load times and conversion rates. Statistics from Google and Amazon show that an increase in load time has a direct and profound impact on user engagement.

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Website Optimization [Book Review]

Website OptimizationBack in 2003 Andy King published his first book: Speed Up Your Site. It was my first encounter with optimization of HTML and CSS, something that in recent years have been recognized as an important field by, among others, the YUI team. Now in 2008 Andy is back with a new book, but this time with a much broader scope. Website Optimization is not just about speeding up your site, it’s about optimizing it in several different areas. Everything from Search Engine Optimization and Creating the perfect USP to Optimizing page load times and measuring performance is covered.

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