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Looping with jQuery

I’ve started working with the Javascript framework jQuery lately and I must say that I find it very enjoyable! I have previously mostly used Prototype and DOMAssistant, and although they excel in some areas I somehow find jQuery more fun to code with.

Here’s a simple tip on how to loop through elements with jQuery that I thought I’d share.

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Using Microformats to populate Google Map

MicroformatsInspired by an article I’ve read on 24-ways I’ve built a demo-page for using content marked up with microformats to populate a Google Map.

Unfortunately the demo is in Swedish, but I think those of you who doesn’t speak Swedish can easily understand it anyway.

The main concept is to use a list of folksong festivals in Scandinavia, carefully marked up with microformats, as a data source. I then use Javascript to loop through the content and populate the map.

I got the list of festivals from Thank you Chris!

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