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The value of a holistic view

In development project teams there are often several specialized roles, like programmers, database designers, interaction designers, user researchers, business analysts and so on. Studies has shown that the more these different roles collaborate and are aware of the different aspects of the project as a whole as well as what the other project members are doing, the more successful the project is.

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Survey for makers of websites

Last year A list apart did a survey for people who make websites. The purpose of the survey is to give an image of how our profession is practiced worldwide. 33.000 people took it and the result was made publicly available and is quite an interesting read.

This year they’re doing it again and now they claim to have even better questions to give us an even more accurate image of what the working conditions for web workers today are. I took the survey, and so should you! 😉

I took it and so should you - The survey for people who makes websites