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Visualizing the age of content

How do one visualize the age dimension of content?

In the real world it’s not a problem. Physical objects, like paper, clearly wears the mark of time. Paper turns yellow and get torn. Other things get scratched or changes it’s appearance in some other way that makes it obvious that it’s not new.

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Gradual Engagement

I wrote about it in my blogpost Easiest sign up ever one and a half year ago, where I described the sign-up process of Geni, a site about building your own family tree. I didn’t know the name of the concept then, but after reading Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design I certainly do. (A review of the book is coming up here soon)

Gradual Engagement is simply the concept of not throwing a big fat sign-up form in the face of the first-time visitor before he has a chance to try out the site. A better approach is to try to get him engaged in what the site is all about before trying to get tons of information from him.

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Change your focus to locus

Locus of attention is a term that describes where our attention is focused. In contrary to focus of attention it’s not entirely up to us where we choose to have our attention. If, for example a bang goes of right besides us, our focus involuntarily is placed on that. And that is our Locus of attention. Our focus of attention is alway where we consciously choose to put our attention.

When we are designing user interfaces it’s important to be aware of where the users locus of attention are, so that we are able to show crucial information where the user has his or her attention.

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