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Where’s me back button?

My Firefox installation got upgraded to 3.0.2 today. And to my surprise the back and forward buttons is gone!

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WebSlices, evolution of RSS?

In the upcoming new version of Internet Explorer 8, which is in public Beta 1 right now, there’s support for a new technique called WebSlices. Is this yet another proprietary feature of Microsoft or is it a really useful evolution of RSS that will be adopted as a web standard? Since it follows the patterns of the Microformat hAtom, which is an unobtrusive way of marking up content with standard HTML, I think that it might actually be a pretty good innovation.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta

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First impressions of Firefox 3

Mozilla has just released the much anticipated version 3 of their popular web browser, Firefox (june 17 2008). In this article I will summarize my first impressions and highlight some of the new features and improvements.
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