Therese Neil has compiled an impressing collection of current Mobile UI’s in this book. It serves both as an inspiring read and as a go to reference when designing Mobile User Interfaces.

I’ve already found use for this book as I’ve checked out different design pattern on filtering for an app that I’m currently designing. And that’s one thing this book excels at – providing fast answers to urgent needs.

The book is organized into ten different sections that each presents the design patterns in a concise and brief manner. The focus of this book is not so much on the theory behind each pattern but rather what established patterns exists and how to use them. Thanks to this approach it’s quick to find a suitable pattern.

I’ve read the e-book edition and it features beautiful screenshots in full color of different apps along some sketches that illustrate the major patterns.

Device Agnostic

The book tries to be device agnostic and displays patterns from both iOS, Android, WebOS and BlackBerry which is nice. Unless you have all these devices yourself it can be hard to explore how different apps on different platforms have solved a problem.

A problem with this kind of books is that the evolution of Mobile User Interfaces moves so fast that the patterns and examples, risks being outdated pretty fast. As I read the book, some screenshots already differed from the latest version of the apps.

About the author

Theresa Neil is a User Experience Consultant from Austin Texas. She’s previously co-authored another brilliant book with Bill Scott called Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions.

You can learn more about Theresa on her personal site,


This is a great book to have when cranking out Wire Frames and Prototypes for mobile UI’s. You can quickly explore the most common solutions to design problems and also some anti-patterns to avoid. If you’re into the mobile app business I highly recommend you pick up a copy!

You can see several of the design patterns online at There’s also links to a few chapters that’s been published online.

Book information

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery: UI Patterns for Mobile Applications
Theresa Neil
O’Reilly Media (March, 2012)

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