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Year: 2010

Dancing markers

The Google Maps API team recently added an eye catching new feature to the Google Maps API v3 which makes it possible to animate markers. This feature has been available in v2 for quite some time and occurs when you drag and drop a marker. It rises the marker up when you drag it and then bounces it into position when you drop it.

The API team however, wasn’t satisfied with just adding what was available in v2. They also added a drop animation similar to the one found in Google Maps on the iPhone. It looks like the marker is being dropped into place from above and then ends with a small bounce.

But they didn’t stop there either. They also added the ability to animate the markers at will. So now we can trigger the animation whenever we feel like it using the setAnimation() method of the Marker object.

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Google Maps API 3 – Mobile devices

A lot of the web browsing these days takes place on mobile devices. Therefore it’s important to know how to design web pages and maps for these. When it comes to incorporating Google Maps on a web page, it’s done pretty much the same way as for desktop browsers, at least for advanced devices like the iPhone and Android based phones. There are however some things to consider. In this article I will explain what these things are and how it’s done.

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A week to launch

It’s only a week until my book is available for purchase! It was originally scheduled to be released on August 15th but the process of producing the book has gone really well so Apress decided to publish it a whole month earlier. So mark July 15th in you calendar cause that’s when it’s finally coming out!

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The state of this blog

Those of you that are regular readers of this blog have probably noticed a considerable decline in the number of articles being posted here. I thought that I would share with you the reasons for this and a little about the state of this blog.

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My book is now available for pre-order

Here’s an update on how my book project is progressing. The good news is that I have signed a contract with Apress, so they’re going to publish it. I must say that I’m pretty excited about that. It was pretty awesome to see the book with my name on it on Amazon.

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A Project Guide to UX Design

Just like the subtitle: “For User Experience Designers in the field or in the making”, implies this is a book for persons that are not yet experts in the UX field. It’s a wonderful read and really gives a great overview of the UX design role in modern web site development.

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

This latest book from Steve Krug is a terrific read and a great companion book to his legendary and highly successful book, Don’t make me think. Where Don’t make me think focus on design and the ifs and whys of usability testing, Rocket Surgery Made Easy focuses on how to actually conduct usability test and what to do with the results.

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Stripes – An interesting Operating System Concept

I’ve just discovered an interesting concept for a new Operating System. The concept is the brain child of Martin Gimpl and is a part of his master thesis on computer interaction. It uses a zooming interface for windows management and introduces several interesting concepts. In the short video below, Martin shows some of the core concepts. It is well worth checking out.

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