maps_logo_small_blueYesterday a new version of the ever so popular Google Maps API was released. In the new version the focus has been on improving speed, especially on mobile devices. I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the beta testing and has been able to provide feeback directly to the developers. So far I think they’ve done a great job, even if there’s still more work to be done.

The API released now is still in Labs because it’s not quite ready yet. It only contains a basic set of features that will be further extended. 

Here’s a few of the changes.

  • Improved performance, ecpecialy on Mobile devices
  • The API is now built on an MVC-architecture
  • The API-key is not required anymore.
  • No global variables. Everything is now in the google.maps namespace

I will write more  about the changes in the API in  in future articles, but for now you can read more at the Google Geo Developers Blog. Also check out the documentation and the reference.