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Most popular articles of 2008

2008 was the first year of this blog. It has been really interesting and it’s encouraging to see that the number of readers is steadily increasing. Thanks to all of you who has read and commented on my articles. A big reason for me running this blog is to learn more about the stuff I write about and your comments and feedback contributes to that goal.

Most popular articles

Looking back at the year that has passed and after reviewing the statistics for 2008, these are the five articles that got the most pageviews.

  1. The use of buttons in web forms

    After Luke Wroblewski wrote about this article on his site Functioning Form I’ve had a great increase in traffic. It’s really nice to see that so many have an interest in this.

  2. Polylines in Google Maps [Part 1]

    Pamela Fox at the Google Maps API team was kind enough to link to this article from the Google Maps API documentation. That of course led to a massive increase in pageviews. It seems like this topic is of great interest to a lot more people than just me.

  3. Imagemap rollover

    This tutorial shows how to code an efficient imagemap rollover. It explains how to solve a few bugs that I couldn’t find an explanation for anywhere else on the web.

  4. Polylines in Google Maps [Part 2]

    This article which is the second part of two articles about Polylines in Google Maps, also got linked to from the Google Maps API Documentation. It explains how to encode a polyline on the server side.

  5. User Controls in ASP.NET MVC Preview Release 5

    During 2008 I have tried to wrap my head around the ASP.NET MVC Framwork, which by the way is a really great framework. One of the confusing issues with it was how to work with User Controls in it. This article explains it all.

Most popular articles on Usability and Interaction Design

It seems that the tutorials are the most popular posts but I’ve also written some articles on different
aspects of Usability and Interaction Design. Here are the top 5 articles in that category.

  1. No undo? Redo!

    Undo is a feature found in almost every desktop application. How come it’s so rare in web applications? This article explains the importance of this.

  2. Gradual Engagement

    Gradual engagement is the concept of getting engaged visitors. This article explains the concept and presents a few examples.

  3. Visualizing the age of content

    How do we visualize how fresh a piece of content is? This article presents a few possible solutions.

  4. Page Load Times vs Conversion Rates

    After reading Andy King’s book Website Optimization, I was surprised by some of the statistics presented. This is one of them.

  5. Change your focus to locus

    The late Jef Raskin, also known as the father of Macintosh, presented some pretty interesting concepts during his life time. Here’s one of them.


I look forward to see what happens with this blog during 2009. As of now I have a few more articles on Google Maps lined up, and I plan to write more tutorials and articles on stuff relating to web interfaces. I do however also plan to increase the number of articles on Usability and Interaction Design this year.

What kind of articles do you enjoy and what do you think I should primarily write about?

Have a good 2009 everyone!


  1. Good work! Looking forward to linking to future Maps API articles!

  2. Thanks Pamela! That sounds great 🙂

  3. landed from google here
    interesting usability concern
    I’ve to read those popular posts

    and I’ve a similar gravatar, just like your favicon 🙂

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