Conchango is developing a shopping system for the British grocery store Tesco. It’s supposed to help customers when buying/ordering food and has a graphically rich interface.

I’m for one hate shopping for groceries. If I could have a system like this that remembers what groceries I normally buy and suggests a shopping list according to my dinner plans, I would be more than delighted. In fact, if I didn’t even had to physically go to the grocery store, I would be even more delighted.

The UI

From what I can tell from the video it’s very much inspired by the iPhone interface. It’s probably the touchscreen and visual effects that gives that impression. The user interface looks really cool, but it do seem to lag and respond a little slow.

The UI has a lot of 3d effects. One pretty cool thing is that you can choose a product and then rotate it to read the text on the package. I’m not sure though, if that’s the optimal way to display that sort of information, but it sure looks cool.


Apparently it’s built with Microsoft’s WPF technology, the same technology that Silverlight is built upon. I haven’t seen much built with this technology so it’s nice to a example of what you can do with it.

In the video Paul Dawson and Matthew Adams demonstrates and explains how it’s all supposed to work. They also tell some about how they built it.

Right now it’s an early beta, but they’re soon going to perform trials with customer.

Read more about Conchango and the Tesco project on MSDN.

Thanks Peter, for showing me this.