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Huge booklist on user experience design

I’ve just ordered a couple of books at Rosenfeld media and while finishing the order I noticed a part of the site called UX Zeitgeist which consists of a huge collection of books and topics on user experience design.

Rosenfeld - UX Zeitgeist

I wasn’t sure what Zeitgeist meant so I had to look it up, and according to it means:

the German word for ‘time?spirit’, more often translated as ‘spirit of the age’. It usually refers to the prevailing mood or attitude of a given period.

How does it work?

What UX Zeitgeist consists of is a list of important books and topics on user experience design, according to the UX community. The idea is to have a number of selected people nominate books that they feel are important. Then they collect statistics about the books like for example:

  • How many times it have been mentioned in blog posts
  • The Amazon sales rank
  • How many times it been nominated
  • And so on.

They also provide information and links about the book from different web services like and Google Blog Search.

You can sort the list by several criteria, and it’s really a very useful resource if you’re interested in UX design. So if your looking for books to read, you have a pretty rich list right there to choose from.

Rosenfeld Media – UX Zeitgeist

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